As a young child I would sneak into the storage closet under the stairs to look at old black and white photos of my grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was within this messy, dark, quiet space that I found my love of photography. Holding a flash light, I rummaged through pictures, studied the people, the clothing and the scenes before me. I melted into the photos, imagining what life was like back then. Who would know that at 8 years old this would become the foundation for my future endeavors in photography.

My photographic life wasn’t born at that moment in time, but much later. It developed from my love of nature, the everyday experience’s as a nurse and mother, through awareness and observation, and by being in the moment with others.This is why I love portrait photography.

As both a labor-delivery nurse and a photographer, I have an active participation in the celebration of life almost every day. I witness the strength of women and the celebrations of families in one of the greatest moment’s life has to offer. From the birth of a baby, to riding a bike, to jumping hand in hand with friends into a lake, the smallest of moments become grand memories when shared with others.

Life has taught me that moments are fleeting, and the story of memories are best kept when captured in a photograph.

“From young to old, the cycle of life follows us full circle”